Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Lipstick Tattoo

Fashionfabulous4u has around 20 tattoos. Most of her tattoos on her left arm, though she also has tattoos scattered on back, on both of her ankles, her hip, and a few fingers.
When asked if her tattoos have meaning, she responded “Some do and some I just like because they’re like art to me.” Among her more light-hearted tattoos are a cupcake, lipstick, and Hello Kitty. Though not all of her tattoos have deep meanings, she does plan them carefully. “I don’t believe in tattooing frivolously….I mean, its permanent! I’ve got a few I sort of regret so I’m real careful now,” she says. “For women I think you got to be careful about getting too many random tattoos. Plan them. Tattoos should add to your beauty and show what’s meaningful to you and the things you like.”
Violent Lips is a new makeup company that sells temporary lip tattoos: Stick-on prints that stain your lips with the pattern of your choice. Options include cheetah, polka dots, and fishnets and, coming soon, glitter! Part of us thinks this is the best thing since stick-on nail polish and part of us thinks it looks like the model has an unfortunate rash. It’s a neat way to stand out from the crowd, but we wonder if it’s really wearable–maybe on the right girl it would look rocking. 

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